Saturday, 23 March 2013

21 March 2013


Assalamualaikum, today is replacement class for the Monday class, today is the last class for BEL 311 and the last we meet in this blog. We are going to the computer lab and I came little bit late because I have stomachache and I went to toilet many time. When I went inside it seem that everyone in this class have serious face, like to kill people. My friend told to me that we all do some exercise in that orange paper, not essay part, just subjective part. We all discuss how to answered that question, Miss Zu told to everyone in this class must find the true meaning of that word, we can know it after we read the sentence that have the word we cannot understand.
Miss Zu said that answered is actually in that paragraph, so we must read it carefully. In the second essay, Miss Zu suddenlly give some survey, this a survey for doing the this blog, is it okay or not. I try to answered it, and many question from that is same as before, I just circle the answered because I don’t know, this blog is okay or not, I think this blog is positive one because it can improve our english language. I and salihin just do it and then we finish circle that paper. After we submit that paper, Miss Zu explained what the next answered for the next essay. We finish do the subjective question, Miss Zu told to all, for this last class, she has a preparation for this last class, Miss Zu said that everyone must go outside and then go to the class next toilet. We do some party and I eat the snack. Miss Zu have taken the picture with the student, I also for a memories.Thank You Miss  Zu, for everything that you teach from started till the ended, if you not teach this class, our english language is not well, Thank you very much Miss Zu.

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