Sunday, 16 December 2012

My Own View About a Blog

My own view about blog is I dislike doing this blog,I never know this is one of the assignment.Writting a blog is making me sick,I don’t like to tell my life diaries in a blog,even in a book,it can be burden everyone,I have no time to create a blog.But this blog also have their own specialties such as,when writing a blog,we actually improve our skill language and our grammar.When writing this blog,we actually can realese our tension,blogging also good for health and mental.I read an article that tell the blog is good for health because we can reduce our stress with supported from other friend, A new study suggests that moms might want to add blogging to the list of good things we can do for ourselves like hitting the gym and eating our vegetables. Researchers from Penn State and Brigham Young University studied 157 new mothers with children aged 18 months and under, and found that blogs and blogging had a positive impact on them. A big reason for this, according to the study, is because these new moms received a tremendous amount of support from the community of mom bloggers they met online. Brandon T. McDaniel, a researcher from Penn State, explains, "We're not saying that those who end up feeling more supported all of a sudden no longer have stresses, they're still going to have those stressful moments you have as a parent, but because they're feeling more supported, their thoughts and their feelings about that stress might change, and they begin to feel less stressed about those things."From this statement I relise that writing a blog is good for our daily life.

My Own View About Writing

Writing is important because it's communication. We can communicate with others when they're not where you are or at a different time than you are. In other words, writing is communication over time and space. Kind of magical isn't it. I can read a book, a newspaper, or even a personal letter written two or three hundred years ago. People ten thousand miles away from me right now may also be reading this very thing I'm writing. A hundred years from now, someone could be reading something that you or I wrote today.

Besides communicating far and wide, writing can be very practical for people who are at the same place at the same time. When you are trying to teach me something or I'm trying to explain something to you, we can use writing to help us. We can write something down to remember, we can look up something in the dictionary or on a web site, all written information. I can get directions over the phone while writing them down for when I go there. I place an order for pizza and the person taking the order writes it down (or types it in, which is still a form of writing). If you ever find yourself involved in a court case, written documentation will go a long way to prove what you need to prove. Well, the miscellaneous uses for the importance of writing are far too many for this answer. Suffice it to say, even with the internet and smart phones, knowing how to write will help you every day, even if it's because someone wrote the summaries for the TV shows that are on tonight so you can figure out what you want to watch.Ultimately, writing is a form of communication. Everyone knows about writing to entertain, but it is also used to communicate descriptions, information, evaluations, persuade readers, and present solutions to problems. As consumers, we use this kind of information to decide where to vacation, what movie to see, which cars are reliable, and who we should vote for. Pretty important stuff. Okay, I can here you saying now, "Yeah, but I'm not gonna do any of that for a living. Why do I have to learn how to write it then? This is stupid." Well, I can give you three really solid reasons why it's important to learn how to write.

1) Writing academically requires you to do a whole lot of critical thinking-
2) In the "real" world, that is life outside of high school and college, you will have to research information.
3) This is an internet savvy world. There are on-line job sites, networking sites, and social sites. Current and prospective employers DO look you up and see what you've written on the web. There have been very public cases of young adults losing their jobs because of the content on their web pages.