Saturday, 23 March 2013

13 March 2013


Assalamualaikum,today we are went to class and today we are going to do some argumentative essay, oh my god this type of essay I don’t like because it very hard to me, other than type of essay that we made before. Miss Zu also said that we learn this type of essay before? Anyone seem quiet this situation can tell that everyone don’t really know this type of essay, eventhough the clever cannot answer it.
Miss Zu said to everyone to pay attention because argumentative essay always appeared in the final exams. I feel like to pass away because we have this type of essay, I try my best,and then Miss Zu gave some title to do it, the tilte is is "Women are becoming bolder as well as more agressive and men are more sensitive. Agree or disagree with the statement." Miss Zu gave some example and we all must submit it on next Monday. Argggh I have many test on this week, my head became bald in the middle, what a life.

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