Saturday, 23 March 2013

19 March 2013


            Assalamualaikum, after one day no class (yesterday class), now we have a class, I must attend it. Today as usual after we finish the QMT class, we are going to the U214 and then we came little bit early because it not to far from the QMT class. After we reach that class, we all saw there are other people in that class, maybe we all came to early and we stayed outside. We going inside after that people are going out.
 Miss Zu start the class with Surah Al-Fatihah and Miss Zu told to everyone in this that she want to teach how to make a conclusion paragraph, I like this paragraph, just make own opinion and then rephrase thesis statement. Miss Zu suddenlly open the slide that show some poet, and then Miss Zu told to Salihin to read it loudly, Salihin shocked because on that time Salihin do some other activities, like talking. Salihin read it one by one and then he finish it, actually when Salihin read like sang a song. Then, Miss Zu told what is Jabberwork in the poet, is it alien or what, then I aswered it it maybe like a monster because it have jaws and claws, then Wasim guest it maybe a dragon because can throw out the flame in the air. Miss Zu told to everyone in this class, when we read some passage, we must read carefully and we must take a main point. From that we can make a conclusion very easy and we know what author try to tell. On this day, we got a good education today because of that conclusion paragraph, Miss Zu gave a good learning topic today, thank you that all for today.

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