Thursday, 28 February 2013

30 January 2013
Assalamualaikum and we meet again,today is day that we meet with class mate in computer lab.Miss Zu want to see all of the work that we have been do for term paper,that work is introduction part.After Miss Zu checked that part,Ita and Nawi group must present their work in front after they have been rejected before.Only Ita’s group have been accepted their work but Nawi’s group have not been accepted yet,because of the sentenced structure is not well.Suddenlly Miss Zu ask someone to volunteer to make correction for this group,but anyone don’t  seen want to answer what Miss Zu ask,they actually don’t want do it because they coward to make mistake and then get scolded.Finally,Miss Zu give up to ask anybody who want to volunteer to go infront,and then she help Acap and Nawi to make a good word.After of that,Miss Zu checked one by one with table by table,and the first that Miss Zu checked is twin group.After we waited 1 hour,and that time my group have been checked and Miss Zu accepted our work,yahooo,like I want flying in the sky,Miss Zu always rejected our work,but this time she accepted that work.My introduction have 2 or 3 hook,Miss Zu said that hook is very interesting.Because of that,I have plenty of time to do some online quizez.Before we ended the class,Miss Zu want to see our outlining in the next class.We ended the class after 6 o’clock.

4 February 2013
Assalamualaikum to all reader,today I hope you all in good condition,if you have some trouble,just solved that problem and if don’t get solved,just ask from god with praying.This class located at DSP,after I and my friend reach,Miss Zu already there.Today is the day  that Miss Zu want see our outlining,I bring my laptop but all of work at Wassem laptop,so it just wasted myy time bring the laptop in the class and burden me because my beg is getting heavy.Miss Zu checked one by one group with moving around to tell where and what we mistake that we make in this outlining.When Miss Zu checked Faiz and Solihin group,Miss Zu rejected this outlining because they actually missing their material and don’t have any reference to show,and then Miss Zu said this the worst team ever.After that my team have checked and the mistake is COPY AND PASTE,firstly Miss Zu said ok to me,but when Miss Zu checked back,that just copy and paste,not paraphrising them.Miss Zu told to me to do it again with paraphrising word not COPY AND PASTE.She also told to me to work with Wassem how to do paraphrising.I think this my work,not Wassem and then  I do it some main point to make paraphrising.I realise that paraphrising is really hard to do it,I think it easy one.Other group not finish it yet,especially in conclusion,many of them do not know how to make a great conclusion.After all of the group have been checked,no one seem their outliner is perfect,hundred percent finish.Before we ended the class Miss Zu told to all that must do paraphrising in that ouliner,after that class ended.

5 February 2013
Assalamualaikum and see you all again in this blog.Today,as usual we go to U214 and this time we gonna bring our own laptop to class because Miss Zu want saw the outlining,it good or bad.Faiz and Salihin have a problem today because they both have to sent Hakimah to the hospital immediately because Hakimah have serious problem,she has stomachache and get vommiting along go to the hospital and then Hakimah have been stayed at that Hospital for one day.Ok,back to main point,Miss Zu want to saw our progress and I not finish yet the outlining,just do some paraphrising,I get to this alone because my partner,Wassem don’t came at this class because he has cold fever.Miss Zu ask to everyone who want their outlining checked by her self,everyone go infront and then ask Miss Zu.I don’t go infront because I don’t have that outlining,just paraphrising the main point,the other I don’t have.Miss Zu tell to everyone this outlining must be put in the Miss Zu room before we all going home for Chinese New Year one week.I can see all of them get a good respond from Miss Zu because they all have been fixed their work from worst to worthy.I have been finish that paraphrising at 5 o’clock,I just put that in my outlining.The classes ended and we go home.

6 February 2013
Assalamualaikum,today we go to the computer lab and Miss Zu seems in good mood today,and that why I like when I go this computer lab,Miss Zu always in good mood.Miss Zu told to all that we must finish our outlining even the minimum is 80 percent finish.I saw that every team have been finish that outlining over 80 percent,and then she satisfied that everyone in this class have been coorperate with her.All of them just do a little bit grammar checked and paraphrising,it’s ok or not.If we don’t do it properly,it will be effected our mark and can get just little mark,it important thing that we must change.I and Wassem do a double checker with other group and they said it all ok,we not good enough to judge this and we get some help from other group.After the clock reach 5 o’clock,Miss Zu suddenly came at my group,and she commenting our term paper outlining,she said paraphrising is ok, just the name of author is wrong.Actually we must take a name who was writing that blog,not take who wrote that paragraph,and she said that we must do some change for that.Our conclusion is ok,just the name of author is mistake.We do all correction and we finish it.I praise to Allah because we finish that work finally.We all going home and just printing that work and then we put at Miss Zu’s lecture room.

18 February 2013
Hye,and Assalamuaikum how are your break,it good isn’t it,I really enjoyed our Chinese New Year break,one week not enough for me..hehe..Ok with a new spirit we go the class at DSP,but many of my friend not go to class,I don’t really know what problem occurred among them,maybe don’t go to UiTM or get some MC(medical checkup) like Faiz.Today we started to learned what is inference and what actually function of it.I don’t know what is that and then Miss Zu tell to me that inference is the some guesting in heart,like gossip and so on, but we all must guest what the writer trying to tell us and what exactly that writer wrote,there some sort hidden meaning.Miss Zu suddenlly gave all some card and some clue infront on lcd monitor,I don’t really know about that and what happened,I and Solihin ask to them what exactlly happened and then Wassem found the murder based on clue infront.Now I see what happened,we actually must search who the murder based on missing card,and nobody don’t have this card is the true murder,weapon and place.They get caugh what happened when Miss Zu said the clue infront is different from our card,I think I want give big clap for them because it really hard to search that card over a place and suddenlly they all get that murder.After that we devided into 5 group,my group is Nadia,Sarah and Rozita,I really like this group because Rozita and Sarah is expert in English language.Each group must guest what happened next in the video clip infront and then tell to class.The first we must guest is about toy story and then some schoolboy fighting each other and Bruno Mars video clip,Grenade.My group only get 2 mark because we all do that guesting is to general and not suitable with the video clip.The classes ended after we finish guesting.I think that all for today,thank you.

Teusday,15 January 2013
Today is a worst day from other day because we all went to the class very late because we all do some quizez at class QMT(Statistic),we all do that quizez with long answered,and we all not have much any much time to do that quizez,like an add math quizez at past secondary school.Ok,after we all reach to class at U214,when we enter we saw that Miss Zu face like a volcano want to explode,very-very angry and upset.On this day Miss Zu want to teach how to make a true thesis statement for our term paper Miss Zu must teach one by one to them because we all must know exactly what we want to do,not just we get a few mark because we don’t put a “true” thesis statement in our term paper.I feel my BEL getting worst because I don’t know how to make that thesis statement,even we all learn in Miss Shazwa Nabila class and she teach about that thesis statement in the past semester BEL class,we all totally forgot.Now I really realize that focus in class is the one how to remember what we in the past,Miss Zu explaned that thesis statement is become interesting if we know how to do this very well and Miss Zu also gave some example infront to tell that true format to create a thesis statement.She also want look our thesis statement in the next class and the progress of that work,and she also want we all make a three thesis statement to show because one of that thesis statement rejected,we can make that other two for backup.We all finish a class after Miss Zu ended explained that thesis statement,I think that all for today,thank you for reading.

16 January 2013
Assalamualaikum and I hope you all in good condition,today we all go to the CLL(computer labatory) at blog sri laksamana.This day is my favourite day for BEL class because we can update our blog and do a online quizez.Today we all learn how to make an introduction paragraph.Introduction paragraph must be put the hook because reader want an interesting and exciting for a starting paragraph and just continue their reading if the hook is interesting.Below is some of the hook type;

1. Personal examples
2. Quotations
3. Facts or statistics
4. Rhetorical questions
5. Current events
6. Contrast to the thesis statement
7. Definition
8. Funnel / Broad to specific / general statements

Many type of this hook is more interesting if we smart to used that hook very well because hook is the beginning and can attract people to read our writing,and some of that hook must be suitable with our writing before we put them in our writing.I have many idea to use well this hook in term paper work.After a long explaination,the class ended and we all go home.

22 January 2013
Assalamualailkum to all reader,I think you all not in bad mood,for your information bad mood is not good for our health.Ok,back to main thing,today we all must show our thesis statement infront of class,many of my friend told to me that they all really scary to show their thesis statement infront,they scared if their work have been rejected.As usually,we start the class with ‘Al-Fatihah’,and after that Miss Zu tell that she want we all show that thesis statement infront of class,my friend start to scare if their group go first infront.Miss Zu suddenly tell that Fikri group must go infront.After we all see the work of this group,Miss Zu said that she rejected all of the thesis statement from this group,Miss Zu rejected because she actually don’t really understand what the main point and this group don’t really follow the format,if we do some silly mistaken we actually in a dangerous state because Miss Zu is a alerted person,because of that mistake,all of the work rejected,so we all must do a proper and great work.One by one have been choosen to go infront,and finally my group must go infront,I really scared to tell that we actually don’t bring any thesis statement in this class,wow that really suspended me because I don’t know what happened next.Miss Zu seem angry after we tell that we actually don’t bring that thesis statement in this class because Wassem friend have been borrow Wassem’s pendrive.Miss Zu give some advice to me that we must do group work,not just lone ranger person,I actually not do many work in this group because all material at Wassem.Only three group excepted their thesis statement the group is Atiqah Ahmad group,twin group and Faiz group.After of that we finish the class.

23 January 2013
Assalamualaikum,today we actually don’t have any class but we must do some discussion in library,Miss Zu said that we must came even late,because if anyone don’t came,they can get big consiquent.I and Solihin take advantage to go our room before we go to library because we don’t bring pendrive that containt my work and Solihin work.We go to the library,even very late,when we came in,I saw them make a group discussion with their same type of essay.I and Wassem type compare and contrass,same with Atiqah Ahmad group.I see that Wassem have make a group discussion and suddenlly I join them.Eyqa told to me and Wassem what actually we must do for get a true format about thesis statement,she also tell me to look some example from Miss Zu and in text book.After we ended the discussion,we all update a blog in that library.I and Faiz stayed for a bit time in this library because I  want go to kokoriculum very late and just sign and then go home.We stayed until 6 o’clock and then go to kokoriculum.I think that all my story for today.

29 January 2013
Assalamualaikum and we all see again after we break one day yesterday,a Thaiphusam festival break.This day we all meet at C214 on 4 0’clock and as usual we cite surah Al-Fatihah before we start the class.Today we all must show some improvement and done repaired the thesis statement.First group have been presented their work is Acap and Nawi.After their present their work infront,Miss Zu tell that she is not satisfied with all of that thesis statement because they don’t get any good point to show infront,suddenly Miss Zu rejected their work and they must do again,with more great point.All group from argumentative essay have been accepted their thesis statement,wow that fantastic this can show how they help each other until they get what the ‘true’ thesis statement,anyway good job for their work,they all give a big clap for this group.Now only three group must do it again,that group is Nawi group,Ana group and Rozita group,Rozita not came to class,that why she must do it for tomorrow.Miss Zu also give some advice,she said if we make a group discussion,they can archieved what they want.Anyway,class ended at 6 o’clock.  

!4 January 2013
Assalammualaikum to all reader and we meet again in this blog. Today, as usual the class started at DSP, we all have a spirit to go this class after we have break at weekend .After we waited 5 minute, Miss Zu appeared and then she asked to make a debated, and then she ask to make into 4 group, and then each 2 group must versus each other, because the title have 2,I actually don’t like debate because I don’t have a point to opposition at all, I actually don’t have any experience at all. Miss Zu tell to all that who is have enter any competition in past school, Cik Fa tell to other that she enter the coral speaking in secondary school and Solihin have been enter the English Drama since he at English society club. The debate start when the title is given, the title is:
                                                            First Title:
“Is it consider cheating when your partner (girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife) was cheating on other beautiful girls/boys/men/women on Facebook like poking, liking and etc. “
                                                            Second Title:
“Is it true that men are easy to work with and more creative than women especially when it involves group work? “
My group actually got the second title, I don’t have any idea because I got an opponent side, and then it must be opposite from the title, I as a man actually don’t agree with the statement that women is more creative than man, I don’t what to say and actually don’t have any point at all. All of the group have 2 boys and 5 girl, my group member is Asnawi,Inayah,Nadia,Cik Faa,Nina and I.My group don’t have any idea, so silent and no one came straight to the point. I Have some picture when we all do the debate: Group 1:The government side, Faiz Adha Group member

The opponent side; Fikri group member:

Here are some of point about first title:
            social networking such as Facebook, twitter, or instagram. It is just a medium for us to make a new friend or even to keep in touch with our friend.
            To contact with old friend and family that live far.
            For run a business or event.
            Poke, like and comment button. The button is already there on the Facebook page.
             Lastly, is about the relationship. This is my group;

And this is Solihin and Faiz group;

This is some point from that group:
The government side said men are easy to work with and more creative than women in given an idea.
Men are also has stated in al-quran that they are the leader.
Opponent side said women are systematic, carefully, & perfectly in doing their work.
Women are also has become success than men. For example, Tan Sri Zety Aziz the leader of Bank Negara.
After from that debate, the winner is group 2 and the best debater is Faiz Adha from group 1. While my group get the same point with the group 3. So, it became a draw competition. The best debater is Rozita from opponent group. That for today.