Saturday, 23 March 2013

21 March 2013


Assalamualaikum, today is replacement class for the Monday class, today is the last class for BEL 311 and the last we meet in this blog. We are going to the computer lab and I came little bit late because I have stomachache and I went to toilet many time. When I went inside it seem that everyone in this class have serious face, like to kill people. My friend told to me that we all do some exercise in that orange paper, not essay part, just subjective part. We all discuss how to answered that question, Miss Zu told to everyone in this class must find the true meaning of that word, we can know it after we read the sentence that have the word we cannot understand.
Miss Zu said that answered is actually in that paragraph, so we must read it carefully. In the second essay, Miss Zu suddenlly give some survey, this a survey for doing the this blog, is it okay or not. I try to answered it, and many question from that is same as before, I just circle the answered because I don’t know, this blog is okay or not, I think this blog is positive one because it can improve our english language. I and salihin just do it and then we finish circle that paper. After we submit that paper, Miss Zu explained what the next answered for the next essay. We finish do the subjective question, Miss Zu told to all, for this last class, she has a preparation for this last class, Miss Zu said that everyone must go outside and then go to the class next toilet. We do some party and I eat the snack. Miss Zu have taken the picture with the student, I also for a memories.Thank You Miss  Zu, for everything that you teach from started till the ended, if you not teach this class, our english language is not well, Thank you very much Miss Zu.

20 March 2013


Assalamualaikum, today our class at CLL Sri Laksamana, as usual we started the class with Surah Al-Fatihah. On this day we all going to update the blog and do some online quizzes. My online quizzes not finish yet although we do it before, I don’t know how this would happened to me and my friend, maybe the system is breaking down, I really fed up .Suddenlly, Salihin’s computer have been shutdown, he really angry and search the suspect, then he suspect that Adibah do this, because Adibah’s beautiful leg has kick of the main swith of Salihin computer. She just smile and laugh for that insident, haha I join them together.
 After 15 minuted we do the quizzes, Miss Zu told to everyone that other lecture are going to give explaination about discussion essay, I wandered  who is the lecture, then I guest that the twin is the lecture because they two do this type of essay. From their explaination, I know how to do it because they two give a good explaination about it. After a long explaination about this type of essay, Miss Zu give to all the orange paper, that orange paper is containt the past final exam question, I scanning and skimming this question and it seem little bit hard than BEL 260 because we do the essay with the format like in draft we do it before.We ended the class and we must submit that answer in 25 March 2013,it in Monday.

19 March 2013


            Assalamualaikum, after one day no class (yesterday class), now we have a class, I must attend it. Today as usual after we finish the QMT class, we are going to the U214 and then we came little bit early because it not to far from the QMT class. After we reach that class, we all saw there are other people in that class, maybe we all came to early and we stayed outside. We going inside after that people are going out.
 Miss Zu start the class with Surah Al-Fatihah and Miss Zu told to everyone in this that she want to teach how to make a conclusion paragraph, I like this paragraph, just make own opinion and then rephrase thesis statement. Miss Zu suddenlly open the slide that show some poet, and then Miss Zu told to Salihin to read it loudly, Salihin shocked because on that time Salihin do some other activities, like talking. Salihin read it one by one and then he finish it, actually when Salihin read like sang a song. Then, Miss Zu told what is Jabberwork in the poet, is it alien or what, then I aswered it it maybe like a monster because it have jaws and claws, then Wasim guest it maybe a dragon because can throw out the flame in the air. Miss Zu told to everyone in this class, when we read some passage, we must read carefully and we must take a main point. From that we can make a conclusion very easy and we know what author try to tell. On this day, we got a good education today because of that conclusion paragraph, Miss Zu gave a good learning topic today, thank you that all for today.

18 March 2013


Today is a heaven day because we all don’t have BEL class because Miss Zu do some important thing, Faiz told to everyone that replacement class must have at this Thursday.I think this for today, thank you.

13 March 2013


Assalamualaikum,today we are went to class and today we are going to do some argumentative essay, oh my god this type of essay I don’t like because it very hard to me, other than type of essay that we made before. Miss Zu also said that we learn this type of essay before? Anyone seem quiet this situation can tell that everyone don’t really know this type of essay, eventhough the clever cannot answer it.
Miss Zu said to everyone to pay attention because argumentative essay always appeared in the final exams. I feel like to pass away because we have this type of essay, I try my best,and then Miss Zu gave some title to do it, the tilte is is "Women are becoming bolder as well as more agressive and men are more sensitive. Agree or disagree with the statement." Miss Zu gave some example and we all must submit it on next Monday. Argggh I have many test on this week, my head became bald in the middle, what a life.

11 March 2013


Assalamualaikum and good day guy, how about today, are you fine? Today we all going at DSP for the class, on this day we actually must do some practice with group member about speaking test, we all must do it based on what Miss Zu give, that blue paper.In we make a point for the speaking, suddenlly Miss Zu asked group 5 to go in front for the practice to show what exacly group work do by them.Group 5 member is Rozita, Adiba, Shafiqa Azmi and Wasim.
Eventhough these team are stuck at the middle of the conversation, they get another point to discuss, good job to them,Miss Zu give them a mark, Adibah got 14 mark, Shafikah Azmi got 12 and Rozita got 15 marks. Other people also do that practice, but not in front just stayed in group. I just do that practice on my own with my group, I don’t like to disturb them and then we discuss our own point.We all went to home after Miss Zu told to do so.

6 March 2013


Assalamualaikum, I hope you all still read this blog.On this day, Miss Zu came bit late, I don’t know why, and then I know from my friend that Miss Zu have to attend the meeting.After we start the class with Surah Al-Fatihah, we all going to do speaking practice for next week, that a little bit hard because I don’t speak fluently in english and easily get nervous and so on. Miss Zu has setup the group, so we cannot choose either we like or not.
After group devided for a few minute, Miss Zu told to group 1 (Faiz Othman, Ana, Barriyah and Asnawi) need to do some practice infront, so everyone in this class can get what is speaking test flow. The title that Miss Zu give to them is punctuality among Malaysian”. All of the group member must read that question carefully and not try do nothing because it can lose your mark easily.Miss Zu also provided some rubric to graded this group and give mark to them.Miss Zu told that all of the group member must have own idea and we can discuss it in 20 minute and then we can make a conclusion for the best main point. After this discussion ended, Miss Zu give them mark based on what their point, their speaking and their grammar.Faiz group getting manny mark because of their team work, I think this group have the chemistry,so they can communated easily without problem.After this discussion ended and then Miss Zu told to went home.Actually we all have replacement class and we have to attend tonight.
We continue the story, we all attend the class at lab, this night we all going to do compare and contrast essay. Miss Zu explained what is the compare and contrast essay, that a pretty easy to me because I don’t this type of essay for the term paper.We must do at least 2 in text-citation for this type of essay.After we finished this essay, Miss Zu dismiss the class.

4 March 2013


Assalammualaikum to all reader,today we continue what we stopped last week,today we are going to saw  which is Faiz group present their forum. Faiz group is talk about usefull plastic bags.From this forum I know that the plastic bags that we are used can only be disposable after 40 years.From that point we know that the plastic bags is not suitable for using it in the shopping complex and so on.
Today we actually must do some self-editing, I and Wasim do it quickly because we want it ended fast.I take Faiz time to checked my draft, it okay or not.I don’t have many time to do it with Wasim.As usual, Miss Zu ended the class with Surahtul As.


20 February 2013
Assalamualaikum and I hope you all fine today.Okay we start class today with Surah Al-Fatihah and Miss Zu said that we all are going to learn about cause and effect essay.Miss Zu told to everyone how to do this type of essay,first we must know what is the cause and what is effect,from there we can build our paragraph more smooth and don’t worry about your essay are going wrong if you follow the flow of the paragraph.
Like usually we devided into group and the we played some game,first we must saw the video infront carefully because we must  make the cause and what the effect  of it.After that we do it quickly in group ,each group member have to do that work,each member must do one paragraph at least.I do introductry paragraph, I just search the thesis statement and build the first greeting word.
After we finish do it, we submit the softcopy to Miss Zu and then we ended the class.On this day I learn how to make that type of essay and do it as a training for the final exam paper, I think that all for today, thank you.

25 February 2013
Assalamualaikum to all reader and we again today in this blog.We start today as usually we all are going to the DSP and today we must bring a laptop in this class.I don’t bring my laptop because my battery laptop not standing for a long time, when we do work using my laptop, it will take half an hour and then my laptop shutdown suddenlly, I guest that my partner for the term paper, Wasim are going to the class today, but Wasim didn’t come and I got a bad feeling about it.
After I reach the class everyone start to commenting others term paper and I do nothing and suddenlly Eyka and Adibah came to me and then give me their laptop, I just comment and comment, they both do a best job because they do some small mistake and I think that my group do many mistake.Miss Zu seem angry to me because I don’t bring the softcopy for editing, I forgot to copy it from Wasim, this is last warning Miss Zu said to me.We comment and comment and then we ended the class, and don’t forget for today replacement class, what a day…
At a night class,we do a problem solution essay.Miss Zu told how to do it for final exam with a great essay.I just forgot how to do it and as usual Miss Zu devide we all into group and then we start to write it in word, but we must put in text-citation at least 2. What a hard day today, we do it and do it, and then we finish it. After we submit it, we ended the class and go home.

26 February 2013
Assalamualaikum to all reader, we meet again today, I hope you all like to read what I write in this blog. Today class we all going to have a forum, huh what a shocked, we must do it in group I in group Acab, Eyka Kardi, Inayah and Ani.We must do a forum, that title is reason why teenager today are not patriotism and what is the effective way to overcome this problem.
What a hard point that we get, we must do it quickly in the class and I got nothing in making a point to do the forum. I usualy get some point from Salihin and other group because I don’t get any point to forum at all.Miss Zu told to everyone that we must do it for the next class, few I can get the point if I go to college and search in internet.We ended the class and then we going to the class

27 February 2013

Assalamualikum and very good morning to you all,today we continue our forum today what we stoped yesterday. I and my group discuss what a character what we must choice, each person must have one character, for example I as Profesor in the country. We start the forum from group Faiz they have a good point and host what a great job.Next team is Asnawi I don’t how to say for this group I don’t really get what they all want to say, and the next team is my group, I feel nervous because everyone seem to turn quietly suddenlly, what a atmosphere I got there,they all look at me and laugh because I wear a wrong pair of socks haha I forget to change it, I just wear it.After I talk my point one by one (with note), the next team appeared.The next team is Fikri team, I just laugh over laugh (LOL) because of the Fikri, I think Fikri is the best host today.Last team today is Salihin group, on this group I laugh because Salihin have transform into Sally, the gym counselor.The class ended after Salihin group ended their
presentation.There some picture for the activity today.